Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beach + Boys = Happiness

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so I thought I'd spam with another edit!

This time, with my all time favorite "model" Which I've had since Sims2 days, Elda Dahl. Here she is being, Elda ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Been a busy bee! - The Ashtons Uploads!


Spin on Little Red Riding Hood - Jolee

Woo Another picture of my beautiful Jolee (which if you haven't you can download her on this blog). Since she is a coward I thought even though she is "modeling" I should keep her character in each shot. It will be an extra challenge, for each round. A little goal for me. Honestly, when I got the idea I was soo stoked to do this, then the first draft of it .. I was like.. yeessh :-/ I reaaally should stop now before I embarrass myself. But then I fiddled with the lighting, and BAM, instant fav!

"Looking up at the distant horizon, Jolee dreaded the walk that would soon follow. But she knew she must reach her grandmother in time. With a sense of purpose on her shoulders she took her first step on the forest floor. The crunch of leaves and twigs, reminded her that the forest was nothing but a dead place, for nothing that goes in usually makes it out. It was no more a bright, cheerful place she use to visit when she was a kid. Where the forest would echo with laughter. Ever since a dark presence took over the forest realm, everything withered, and died. The sky above was nothing but a constant storm, free of all birds, for they would not fly near a hundred yards of this place. Jolee entered further into the darkening forest, on her way to her grandmother's house. The further she went in the more the trees entombed her. If she didn't know the trail before, she would have easily gotten lost. After she passed the small creek, she could feel the skeleton branches brush up against her. She knew the worst of her walk was yet to come. A cold fog crept up her legs, leaving an ever lasting feeling of deaths claws wrapping around her. Her breathing quickened as she felt the cold presence lurking in the shadows. Stalking her every move. But she dared not stop, nor turn back and run home. If she is to save her grandmother she must keep moving. After hearing a soft but viscous growl come from the bushes to the right of her, she could not keep herself calm any longer. With a burst of adrenalin, her legs kicked it into high gear, as she ran down the trail, branches scratching, and trying to grip her for their keeper. Tears running down her face from both fear, and pain, she prayed to the good spirits her legs would be fast enough."