Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spam of Pictures

I haven't really been on here in like forever. So I thought I'd spam you with a bit of edited pictures. I'm thinking after I'm finished with the two contests I'm in, I'm going to go back to playing the game (shocking I know!) and put some more updates on my stories. I know I'm pretty excited to see how April/Joe babies turn out! I bet they'll be adorable! Plus we'll get to see some more adventure from the twins. One has become quite the hunk (I didn't see it coming AT ALL)

My favorite model at the moment..
Kimberly McNash


Contest Assignments

Kyra Weild
Contest Assignment

And of course I will end this off with my favorite of all time..
Elda Dahl

Will I hope you enjoyed some of my edits! And I'll see you around hopefully with a new story update!