Monday, March 7, 2011

You were the witness, you be the judge.I don't question you, your honor. I did it for Love.

Something I've been working on today..
Tried a new way of shading. I'm not sure which I prefer. This one seemed to take less time, but I feel it's a little less nice. Ha

((Just noticed the edges are a little choppy with some small white bits in the full. But when it's small you can't really notice.))

What I did

+ Pose Combined
+ Smoothed/Shaded Skin
+ Did Eye make up (check the full to see close up)
+ Changed bracelet colour to silver
+ Drew sheer robe
+ Drew Hair
+ Used colour balance/curve on hair and sim
+ Made background in game/ added
+ Fiddled with the colours some more
+ Made shadow