Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spam of Pictures

I haven't really been on here in like forever. So I thought I'd spam you with a bit of edited pictures. I'm thinking after I'm finished with the two contests I'm in, I'm going to go back to playing the game (shocking I know!) and put some more updates on my stories. I know I'm pretty excited to see how April/Joe babies turn out! I bet they'll be adorable! Plus we'll get to see some more adventure from the twins. One has become quite the hunk (I didn't see it coming AT ALL)

My favorite model at the moment..
Kimberly McNash


Contest Assignments

Kyra Weild
Contest Assignment

And of course I will end this off with my favorite of all time..
Elda Dahl

Will I hope you enjoyed some of my edits! And I'll see you around hopefully with a new story update!

Monday, May 23, 2011

ACE Forum Back in Business!

Let the Party Begin!

A Competitive Edge is now back open! I really hope you guys enjoy the new setting, and we can really get this place kicking! Don't be shy, and bring your friends! There's lots of great things to do and be a part of. I would also like to take the time to show off our fancy new ACE Staff.

Jillie (me) - Admin
Bee (princessbee) - Co Admin
Pam - Co admin
Kweenkatz - Moderator
Hannah - Moderator

Now onto the party! There is a full Sub Forum dedicated to the Grand Re-Opening! Lots of things to do so far!

What's there to do, you ask?

Pimp my Picture
Have a picture of your favorite sim, and love to see them edited in their own style? Plop a picture down, and see what the community can do for you.

Picture on MY wall
Truly love, and proud of a certain edit? Why not let your sims relish in the glorious sight. Post your edit here and get it made into a picture.

Sim Point Lottery
Each member ( new and old ) will get their name put "into a hat" and at the end of the month, we will pick at random (using a generator) two winners! Each collection 400 Sim points!

Member Gifts
For a wonderful thanks to all new and old members. Need to register and have a post count of 50 to see/download.

Picture Showcase
Submit your best and most creative pictures to show us why you think your sims have the edge! The best pictures (which will be picked by the ACE Staff) will be showcased on the site!

and more to come!

Bookmark; register; and of course enjoy the party!!

ACE Admin,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flood Watch

Just letting you all know, right now I've been told that there's a precautionary evacuation in place for my area. We're getting lots of rain this week, and just in case the city wants to make sure people are safe. Technically I don't have to leave my house yet, and I really don't want to leave it just yet. We'll be setting up and I'm taking my pets to a different location.

There might be a time that I will have to leave too. So I will try my best to give you a little shout out if I have to move. But if there's a long pause with out me, that's what have happened to me.


I have to evacuate by 8pm tonight. They are shutting off hydro in my area. So I'm not sure when I will be back. The next time I have internet access I'll let you know how things are going/went.

Bye for now guys! *hugs*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You let me see..\ ..the flesh of my thighs

So I tried my hands at making Custom Poses. It seems to be a lot easier then I thought it would be. It's very much like Simpose or Poser. Here's my first pose. A couple of bugs/errors but a pretty good go at it. Sometime I'll make a pose set.

Monday, March 7, 2011

You were the witness, you be the judge.I don't question you, your honor. I did it for Love.

Something I've been working on today..
Tried a new way of shading. I'm not sure which I prefer. This one seemed to take less time, but I feel it's a little less nice. Ha

((Just noticed the edges are a little choppy with some small white bits in the full. But when it's small you can't really notice.))

What I did

+ Pose Combined
+ Smoothed/Shaded Skin
+ Did Eye make up (check the full to see close up)
+ Changed bracelet colour to silver
+ Drew sheer robe
+ Drew Hair
+ Used colour balance/curve on hair and sim
+ Made background in game/ added
+ Fiddled with the colours some more
+ Made shadow

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beach + Boys = Happiness

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so I thought I'd spam with another edit!

This time, with my all time favorite "model" Which I've had since Sims2 days, Elda Dahl. Here she is being, Elda ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Been a busy bee! - The Ashtons Uploads!


Spin on Little Red Riding Hood - Jolee

Woo Another picture of my beautiful Jolee (which if you haven't you can download her on this blog). Since she is a coward I thought even though she is "modeling" I should keep her character in each shot. It will be an extra challenge, for each round. A little goal for me. Honestly, when I got the idea I was soo stoked to do this, then the first draft of it .. I was like.. yeessh :-/ I reaaally should stop now before I embarrass myself. But then I fiddled with the lighting, and BAM, instant fav!

"Looking up at the distant horizon, Jolee dreaded the walk that would soon follow. But she knew she must reach her grandmother in time. With a sense of purpose on her shoulders she took her first step on the forest floor. The crunch of leaves and twigs, reminded her that the forest was nothing but a dead place, for nothing that goes in usually makes it out. It was no more a bright, cheerful place she use to visit when she was a kid. Where the forest would echo with laughter. Ever since a dark presence took over the forest realm, everything withered, and died. The sky above was nothing but a constant storm, free of all birds, for they would not fly near a hundred yards of this place. Jolee entered further into the darkening forest, on her way to her grandmother's house. The further she went in the more the trees entombed her. If she didn't know the trail before, she would have easily gotten lost. After she passed the small creek, she could feel the skeleton branches brush up against her. She knew the worst of her walk was yet to come. A cold fog crept up her legs, leaving an ever lasting feeling of deaths claws wrapping around her. Her breathing quickened as she felt the cold presence lurking in the shadows. Stalking her every move. But she dared not stop, nor turn back and run home. If she is to save her grandmother she must keep moving. After hearing a soft but viscous growl come from the bushes to the right of her, she could not keep herself calm any longer. With a burst of adrenalin, her legs kicked it into high gear, as she ran down the trail, branches scratching, and trying to grip her for their keeper. Tears running down her face from both fear, and pain, she prayed to the good spirits her legs would be fast enough."

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hair Tutorial

I did a quick Hair tutorial, for some members that asked me at Sims3forum
It is up at the new forum Sades, and me made.

A little gif of step 4!
Click on the link to see all steps!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Competitive Edge ~ A Sim Contest Forum

Hello fellow Sim editors!

Tired of having to bump your contest a million times before you get enough contestants? of being a contestant, and trying to bookmark all your contests so they don't get lost in the shuffle? Well be frustrated no more! Sadie and myself, have created a new forum, for sims contests.

It includes different sub forums, for easy finding, and an archive for all finished contests. Each contest will also get a handy Private Judge Quarters. A password protected area just for YOUR contest. Makes discussions with all your judges much easier!

Plus there's different areas to check out! There's a handy little area to post all your work called Member Albums. This is where you can post all your pictures, and also has a sub forum, so you can have an album for your different models! No more digging through tons of threads just to find the picture threads. They'll all have there very own sections.

Of course there's tons more, but how about you check that out for yourself! ;)

Thanks for reading! And hope to see your lovely faces there!
The ACE Staff!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Eyes of a Child -- Adeyle

What's this? Another wonderfully edited picture? Yupp. I'm on a roll! This time we have a picture of the ever youthful Adeyle Ashton (check her out at my 'legacy' blog. If you don't know whom I'm talking about.)

As a few of my friends pointed out, this picture is the reason why Devin loves her so much <33

Adeyle is an excitable woman, with the eyes of a child. She always sees a unique twist on the world around her, and is always finding things to to be in awe of. Lime represents the birth stone of a Leo, which are youthful, and light hearted people.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jolee an Angel? I think so..

 *click here for original size

Yeah I've been spamming this baby everywhere, but whatev I'm pretty proud of it. I use to be big into the whole sim modeling seen, back in my sims 2 days. But once sims3 rollled around I left it, and just played the game. Which don't get me wrong, is so much fun. But I've totally missed doing edited pictures, and being around people who enjoys doing them as well.

So since I have a million things on my plate right now, (and for some reason, I keep adding more) You'll see a variety of stuff from me. Being either creations, more story updates, or now edited pictures.

BTW, I have updated some more updates of my lovely Ashton family, so go check them out. And I hope to have either the rest of the family up for download, or all the updates up. OR even both if you're lucky.

Anyways, Enjoy the view<33

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Ashtons up for Grabs

If you want to wander over to my Ashton Legacy blog, you'll be able to grab some of the family members. As of right now, I only have Devin (EA makeover), Adeyle, and April.

Yeah I know that Adeyle and April look the same.  But that's not my fault. All kids are completely EAs doing.
Enjoy! And be nice to my babies.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tank Your Time Teen-Adult *FIXED*

As the title indicates, I had a little booboo on the mesh for Tank Your Time, which had the faces showing. (Thanks to my friend Mura for noticing!!) I accidently had the auto smooth clicked on in Milkshape. But by the time I figured this out my Milkshape expired.

 ( 'Boobo' Pictures from Mura)

So I have a full version of Milkshape now, and was able to fix the problem. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience guys! I hope you will download this copy so you can have this shirt in your game. 

**I have left the file name the same. So it should completely write over the existing file!
Teen and Adult in the same Zip (Package and Sims3pack)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Story Blog

If you've noticed that cute little banner at the top, you'll be aware, that I am now having my favorite sim familys story up on their own blog!

The blog will have all their stories, that I have done so far, and the ones that I will be doing later on. So far I am focused on generation 2, but generation 3 has already accumulated a few. Even though I say "legacy" a lot with it, it is NOT an actual legacy challenge. It's more of screenshots during playing the game, and some captions. Lately it has grown into more of a story, and that's where I plan on taking it.

I have no real intentions of taking this to 10 generations or anything. Pretty much how far it goes, depends on if it's still fun for me. I will have little character bios of the main "cast", and little blurbs I'm going to call character IDs for the supporting roles.

I will also be uploading all main cast simmies, so you can play with them in your own game. The site is still under major construction, since I just started this project a couple days ago. But I do have the first update, the "prologue" up, just so you have some idea on characters, or how the story came about.

Well anyways I hope you Enjoy yourselves, and please feel free to comment! I love to hear what you guys think, and maybe any suggestions for a later on plot!