Saturday, July 31, 2010

FYI: Stating you're a Fire Fighter, is classified as flirting

Yay got my Sims working a little bit. It still randomly shut down on me. Luckily I saved right before it happened so I only lost when she ran off for another emergency. One fun fact for yah, for some reason..I have no idea why.. but whenever I start a new game, the first night I ALWAYS have a robbery. It's like my poor sims can never catch a break.

And of course the first thing Wylie decides to do about this guy,is to kick the his ass.
"My house? I don't think so.

After she beats him up, she stands at the door to watch him run to the street (which is like a few feet away), and wait for his "get away" car.

When the cop finally shows up, she comes to discuss a very important subject.

Where's Adeyle, you ask? Oh well, she decided she did her part by calling the cop, then she went back to bed.

In a couple of hours, Wylie got picked up for her first day on the job. Hellz yeah, to kick ass girl Fire fighters.

Why hellooo fellow fire fighters! Anyone look familiar? It's Ariz' Brooke, and Gwen.


Off to an emergency (( she also got a promotion, so she's kickass in red. Which she totally deserves  because nobody else does anything! lol ))

And of course, when you practically live with someone, you tend to get a little close. (Romantique's Chris)

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