Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Competitive Edge ~ A Sim Contest Forum

Hello fellow Sim editors!

Tired of having to bump your contest a million times before you get enough contestants? of being a contestant, and trying to bookmark all your contests so they don't get lost in the shuffle? Well be frustrated no more! Sadie and myself, have created a new forum, for sims contests.

It includes different sub forums, for easy finding, and an archive for all finished contests. Each contest will also get a handy Private Judge Quarters. A password protected area just for YOUR contest. Makes discussions with all your judges much easier!

Plus there's different areas to check out! There's a handy little area to post all your work called Member Albums. This is where you can post all your pictures, and also has a sub forum, so you can have an album for your different models! No more digging through tons of threads just to find the picture threads. They'll all have there very own sections.

Of course there's tons more, but how about you check that out for yourself! ;)

Thanks for reading! And hope to see your lovely faces there!
The ACE Staff!

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