Monday, January 10, 2011

Story Blog

If you've noticed that cute little banner at the top, you'll be aware, that I am now having my favorite sim familys story up on their own blog!

The blog will have all their stories, that I have done so far, and the ones that I will be doing later on. So far I am focused on generation 2, but generation 3 has already accumulated a few. Even though I say "legacy" a lot with it, it is NOT an actual legacy challenge. It's more of screenshots during playing the game, and some captions. Lately it has grown into more of a story, and that's where I plan on taking it.

I have no real intentions of taking this to 10 generations or anything. Pretty much how far it goes, depends on if it's still fun for me. I will have little character bios of the main "cast", and little blurbs I'm going to call character IDs for the supporting roles.

I will also be uploading all main cast simmies, so you can play with them in your own game. The site is still under major construction, since I just started this project a couple days ago. But I do have the first update, the "prologue" up, just so you have some idea on characters, or how the story came about.

Well anyways I hope you Enjoy yourselves, and please feel free to comment! I love to hear what you guys think, and maybe any suggestions for a later on plot!

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