Monday, May 23, 2011

ACE Forum Back in Business!

Let the Party Begin!

A Competitive Edge is now back open! I really hope you guys enjoy the new setting, and we can really get this place kicking! Don't be shy, and bring your friends! There's lots of great things to do and be a part of. I would also like to take the time to show off our fancy new ACE Staff.

Jillie (me) - Admin
Bee (princessbee) - Co Admin
Pam - Co admin
Kweenkatz - Moderator
Hannah - Moderator

Now onto the party! There is a full Sub Forum dedicated to the Grand Re-Opening! Lots of things to do so far!

What's there to do, you ask?

Pimp my Picture
Have a picture of your favorite sim, and love to see them edited in their own style? Plop a picture down, and see what the community can do for you.

Picture on MY wall
Truly love, and proud of a certain edit? Why not let your sims relish in the glorious sight. Post your edit here and get it made into a picture.

Sim Point Lottery
Each member ( new and old ) will get their name put "into a hat" and at the end of the month, we will pick at random (using a generator) two winners! Each collection 400 Sim points!

Member Gifts
For a wonderful thanks to all new and old members. Need to register and have a post count of 50 to see/download.

Picture Showcase
Submit your best and most creative pictures to show us why you think your sims have the edge! The best pictures (which will be picked by the ACE Staff) will be showcased on the site!

and more to come!

Bookmark; register; and of course enjoy the party!!

ACE Admin,


  1. Wow, ACE got a HUGE revamp!

    I need to start getting my butt over there more often :D

  2. Yes you do my love!
    We'd love to have you!