Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spam of Pictures

I haven't really been on here in like forever. So I thought I'd spam you with a bit of edited pictures. I'm thinking after I'm finished with the two contests I'm in, I'm going to go back to playing the game (shocking I know!) and put some more updates on my stories. I know I'm pretty excited to see how April/Joe babies turn out! I bet they'll be adorable! Plus we'll get to see some more adventure from the twins. One has become quite the hunk (I didn't see it coming AT ALL)

My favorite model at the moment..
Kimberly McNash


Contest Assignments

Kyra Weild
Contest Assignment

And of course I will end this off with my favorite of all time..
Elda Dahl

Will I hope you enjoyed some of my edits! And I'll see you around hopefully with a new story update!


  1. All these photo's look amazing!Great work XD!

  2. Jillie, Jillie, Jillie..

    They're are amazing! I'm extremely jealous of your editing skills :)

  3. wow I lvoe them your last hair edit looks diffrent? well Idk there all awsome

  4. Awe thank you :D
    @ Puggyuk - Yes you noticed! It's with a different brush. I'm currently trying it out, and so far I'm liking it.

    They are all amazing! I love it!
    My oh my, Elda, I'm so jealous of your hair!
    I wish that hair would exist for the sims 3!

    Jillie, do you ambitions to mesh some hair! I bet you would become my favorite creator! <3

  6. My last sentence doesn't make any sense!
    Just let me make it clear ;p

    Jillie, do you have any ambitions to mesh some hairs? I bet you would become my favorite creator of hairs!

  7. Ah Jillie, I'm absolutely in love with your style! What you do to skin is seriously phenomenal <3

  8. My goodness you do a good job editing your sims! Absolutely gorgeous! :D

  9. You guys are so nice!
    LOL Mimi I would LOVE to be able to make hair. I'll have to try meshing. There's just SOO many things that I need to learn first. I'm not too sure on morphes.

    Rexy <33333 Thank you so much! I have one tutorial up for skin, but I have a new way of doing it, so I need to work on one for that version.

    Thank you brunettesimgirl, I'm glad you like them! It's a lot of fun as well!

  10. I studied graphic design in college, and doing this type of "airbrushing" was my favorite. I wish I could afford photoshop, because GIMP and don't hold a candle next to that program. I just can't seem to get the same effect with those two programs that I did with photoshop (which I just now realized I'm assuming you're using--lol)

  11. Yes I totally agree with you. Now that I have photoshop, there is NO way I could go back to using GIMP.

    Please feel free to email me, I may know of a pirate or two that could help you out.

  12. Oh that would be awesome! I will email soon as it lets me. Apparently they are having an issue right now, so I will email you within the next few days (I hope). And thank you again! :D

  13. Your editing skills are great. I just started getting into photoshop. It is so much fun, editing pics, especially of my favourite sims. It had been sitting on my desktop doing nothing for a while, (okay i was scared to open it up).

    Now i can't get enough of it. That is some pretty awesome editing skills you have there. I love your contest pic and Kyra Weild. She reminds me of the character Elvira from the Elvira film Mistress of the dark.

  14. Awe thank you so much! I was kind of scared when I first switched over to Photoshop, and now I'm in love. There's no way I could ever go back

    I would love to see some of your pictures~ I'm going to go stalk your blog~ LOL

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